There have been studies suggesting the type of name we give our kids affects how they are treated by their teachers and peers. It’s not just in school. How kids are treated in their formative years is a strong indicator of how they see themselves and their place in life as adults.

What Kind of Name Should You Give Your Idaho Baby?

The individuality you so desperately want to impart upon your youngling with a creative name may be to their detriment. Though using an extremely common name can lead to a form of group mentality. The balance is a tough one.

11 Illegal Names You Can't Give Your Baby in Idaho

11 Illegal Names You Can't Give Your Baby In Idaho

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Is it just narcissism that keeps people namesaking their children? Jonathan Masterson the 3rd just sounds pretentious. Is it that you want to make sure everyone knows you have a kid, or that you don’t want to bother thinking up a different name?

I truly believe that some trends need to go away. My mother had all her children with the same initials. Though she denies it, I still believe I only have my name because she thought I was going to be a boy, and my first and middle names were the only ones she could come up with before leaving the hospital. My sisters and I are doomed to live with people stuttering as they figure out which name to call us. Stop the insanity.

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You get 10 days to name your child in Idaho. If you haven’t chosen by then, let the nurse do it. Then all the responsibility for the way your kid turns out is on them. Crisis averted. Luckily, the government steps in to prevent the most egregious of errors, but when is it flat-out illegal to use a name in Idaho? When there is anything but letters.

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