Having a baby is one of the true joys in life and one of the greatest experiences there is. Each pregnancy comes with its up and downs and each is different from the previous and the next. It doesn't matter if the baby is a girl or a boy, when you hold it, you are just happy it is here and healthy. One stress though that can linger for some parents is the pressure of what to name the child. Picking a name for some can be easy, and picking a name for others can take days, weeks, or months. When it comes to boys in Idaho, what is the most common name to name your baby?

Most Common Boy Names in Idaho

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Picking a name can be tough, and while many of us want our children to have unique or family names, you can never go wrong with what is most popular. Using data for the Social Security Administration from 2021, we can look back at what some of the most common names are in Idaho for boys. According to the research, the most common name for a boy in Idaho is Oliver. In 2021 there were 141 boys named Oliver. The second most common name is Liam, with 104 babies being given that name, and the third most common name is Henry with 103 children taking the name. Coming in at four on the list is William, with Jack rounding out the top five. If you would like to see the list of the top 50 baby boy names in Idaho, make sure to click the link above. 

Baby Boy Names in Idaho

Credit: David Pereiras Villagrá
Credit: David Pereiras Villagrá

My wife and I are currently having a baby boy, and with this being our third one, we are struggling with a name. Most people seem to have one or two boys' and girls' names ready for their children, but the more of one gender you have, the tougher it gets. We have always enjoyed unique names, and are struggling to find one that fits this time. This list is helpful to throw out and try, but typically we look to avoid the common names. Finding a good name that flows, has a good and fitting meaning, and is a strong name is a lot to line up, but as parents, it is our job to find something that will define our future son. Suggestions are always welcomed, and perhaps the other end of this list will be more helpful since those names are less common. 

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If you are having a boy on the way soon and struggling like my wife and me, make sure to click the link. You may not find a name that you want, but you can mark off names you don't, which is still helpful. While there is plenty of time to find a name, the closer delivery gets, the more the pressure mounts, so rack your brains and pick a name, and help give your future son an identity to be excited about.

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