Ever since we were kids, we've wondered when we'd be able to take family vacations to the MOON.  At first everyone figured it would be the year 2000.  Well, that came and went, and most of us rational folks basically gave up.

 But there are some people out there who STILL BELIEVE.

A British travel website called Sunshine just put up the results of a poll about futuristic travel, and found that a solid 11% of us think we'll be able to take vacations to the moon . . . within the next decade.  Here are some more findings.

22% think there will be space station hotels by 2020.

 54% think we'll be able to take long submarine vacations by 2020.

 16% think there will be a high-speed train across the Atlantic Ocean, connecting the U.S. and Europe, by 2020.  (--Spoiler alert:  This will not happen.)

34% think that long-distance HOT AIR BALLOON RIDES will be available by 2020.

And finally . . . 4% of people think TIME TRAVEL will be possible by 2020.