There is a moment in the most recent 'Man of Steel' movie trailer that actually made me feel young. Early in the trailer we see a young Clark Kent playing in the tall grass on a perfect summer evening with his red hero cape on. It seems that even heroes dream of being heroes.

And it made me think of myself in the 1980's: watching the original Richard Donner 'Superman,' running around in the red cape my mother made me, and dreaming of being a hero.

It also made me think of my own son and the legacy he inherits now.

Superheroes like Superman, Spider-man, Iron Man, and Captain America stand up for the little guy. They fight the battles we can't and often suffer immeasurable costs. And they don't quit. When they get knocked down they always stand back up. They're heroes, and our children need them.

There is so much darkness in the world. We're still healing the wound left by September 11th, and the horrible tragedy of Boston is still fresh in our hearts. This is our world. This is what we have to face.

But let's let our kids pretend to be heroes. Let them read comics. Let them run around in red capes pretending to save the world. Let them be the heroes we wish we could be.

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