The numbers are in and Marvel Comics has a huge hit on their hands. With all the grace and subtlety of the Hulk smashing Loki's army, 'The Avengers' has broken box office records by taking in an incredible $200.8 million.

In the film the Asgardian troublemaker Loki (Thor's half brother) appears in our realm via cosmic cube, and decides to bust up the place like The Who in a hotel room. This causes Nick Fury, the director of the super-secret government organization SHIELD, to scowl a lot and assemble an elite group of heroes to save the day. Now Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Captain America, and the Hulk are the AVENGERS!

As I watched the action packed finale, I couldn't help wondering: Who was going to clean up that mess?

By the end, New York is in pretty rough shape but each of the Avengers put on their walking shoes and take off. Who pays for all of that collateral damage? If superheroes were real, don't you think they would be hunted down by our government using all of their vast resources to hold these men accountable for what they did?

Seriously, the city of New York probably didn't have enough in the rain day fund to pay for all the repairs, so they would have to go to the government, and the government is going to need someone to blame. Plus I don't think the Hulk carries his wallet on him (Iron Man probably does).

At the very least, I think each of the Avengers would be looking at some jail time as vigilantes.

Real world laws and economics aside, I really loved 'The Avengers.' It was everything we have come to expect from summer popcorn movies; it featured great dialogue, and a lot of genuinely amazing and funny moments. Oh, and the Hulk SMASHED!

And I don't have a man crush on Cap. Maybe Iron Man, but not Captain America.

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