Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and we have some amazing places to eat. We want to know which one everyone loved the most.

I have to say that pretty much every locally owned breakfast place has their own reason to go there. Based on what you are craving you can choose a restaurant accordingly. Although, it can be really hard to pick a breakfast place to visit in the area.

We want to know which one is your favorite. For me it has to be a toss up between Buffalo and Norm's, but Depot Grill is good too, oh and 9 Beans has the best breakfast burritos. I guess it really is that hard to pick just one.

Go ahead and try anyway. If there is something that we missed make sure to let us know. If we left anyone out it was unintentional. I know it is hard to pick one, but if you could only eat at one place forever for breakfast, which would you choose?

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