Following this mornings news that a much needed light is going in at Fillmore and North College, we got to thinking about other areas that could use better traffic control.

How about one street over?  Fillmore and Falls is a nightmare trying to get left from either side.  It's nearly impossible during peak traffic.  And that median is in the way if you're trying to head East onto Falls from Frontier Field.  It makes sense to want one but it might be too close to Blue Lakes for a light.  And it's not a true intersection either   The North side of Fillmore is offset by half a block.

google maps

Blue Lakes and Cheyney:  How long have you sat at the corner by Jack-In-The-Box trying to turn North onto Blue Lakes?  Even with the chicken lane, there are times where it's next to impossible.  And unless it's 3am, good luck trying to cross the iintersection.

Can you think of any areas in the Magic Valley that could use a traffic light?  Comment below.