The weather in Idaho is unpredictable and getting excited for spring can often be a letdown. There will be nice days, giving residents hope, to then see two to three more weeks of snow and winter weather follow, dashing any actual hope of spring. That time is here again, as the temperature is set to rise this weekend, into next week, giving many hope that winter is now in the past. With the nicer weather, it brings out more drivers that have avoided the winter conditions. The problem is that many of these drivers haven't been on the road much in the last four or five months, and they appear to have forgotten how to drive. You have to be alert and aware on the roads this time of year, or it could lead to an accident, or worse, death.

Bad Drivers in the Magic Valley

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With the weather warming up, and the snow melting away, more and more drivers appear to be on the road in the Magic Valley these days. That means more traffic, less patience, and worse drivers out there. In 15 minutes the other day, I had a woman driving 15 miles under the speed limit, another driver stopped at a green light, and a man pulled out in front of me to hit his brakes, with nobody in front of him, and then do it to somebody else, only a few seconds later. It is acts like these that cause wrecks, and road rage, and can sadly lead to fatal accidents if you aren't paying attention. These three should not have been on the road that day, but they are not the only ones like that in the area. 

Defensive Driving in Idaho

Credit: mokee81
Credit: mokee81

As sad as it is, you have to be on the lookout for other drivers at all times, especially this time of year. Drivers are constantly texting, looking around, and not paying attention to others, which is why you need to. It could be the difference between making it to your destination or not. Some hate driving in winter, and if they work from home or are retired, they likely haven't been out much in the last few months. They are now looking to run errands during the day, go to appointments, or perhaps a nice drive to get out of the house. The problem is, that they don't realize that others are on the road, and their slower speeds, lack of common sense at stoplights, and lack of acknowledgment of others as they turn out, puts others at risk. 

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There aren't nearly as many bad drivers out there now, as there will be in the coming weeks and months. As the weather gets nicer and becomes more permanent, the more these drivers will be on the road, putting lives at risk. Make sure to be cautious, and always be alert. You never know when someone will decide to slow down to a snail's pace, slam their breaks at a green light, or cut you off making you nearly end up in their backseat. Be safe, and be alert, it could save your life this spring.

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