The weather is getting nicer, and it is finally beginning to feel like spring. While this is commonly viewed as a good thing, especially after a long winter, it is not the best, especially for drivers. With no more snow and ice on the road, the path is open to drive to some of the beautiful locations that the Gem State is blessed with. Taking a Sunday drive is common in the spring, and more and more people are emerging from their homes. This brings more traffic, but it also brings out worse drivers and more road rage. The driving conditions might be better weather-wise, but driving is getting worse, and it will continue to do so moving forward.

Bad Driving in Idaho

Most Dangerous Cities for Driving (2020)
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The more people get on the road, the more dangerous it becomes. Some people are in a rush to get places important, and others are out for leisurely drives and take their time. The combination does not go well, as many of the roads in the state are two-lane roads, causing cars to go into oncoming traffic to pass the slower cars. The slow cars can often be offended when someone is riding their bumpers and can tap their brakes, and potentially put other cars in danger. They may think they are helping the car tailgating them, but they are putting others at risk, including themselves. It doesn't matter if you drive slower or faster, we all have to share the road, and getting to your destination is the desired goal. 

Driving in the Magic Valley

Bad Driving Behavior: Cities with the Rudest Drivers

This past weekend was proof that some people need to stay off the road, even if the weather is nicer. Driving to and from errands, there were multiple instances of cars brake checking other cars, flipping the middle finger, and cutting off other cars. The road rage is only beginning, and it will get worse as the weather warms up more and eventually transitions to summer. The further out of town you get, the worse it can get, as drivers seem to be in a more casual mode. In town, the roads will be more crowded, which can lead to cars cutting in and out of traffic and potentially leading to wrecks. 

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Buckle up, because the bad driving and road rage in Idaho is only beginning. We aren't even to the deadliest days of the year yet, and already there have been numerous wrecks, middle fingers, and profanity thrown towards other drivers. If this is how bad it is in spring, imagine what it will be once school is out and tourist season begins.

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