It's a rare occasion that the Twin Falls School District needs to call for one snow day, let alone two. That got us to wondering, when was the last time Twin Falls Schools had consecutive snow days?

I attended Twin Falls High School from 1987-1990 and I don't recall ever having more than one snow day at a time.

We contacted the Twin Falls School District and asked if they had anything on record. They did some fact-checking among their longest standing administrators, Bill Brulotte, Brady Dickinson and Dr. Wiley Dobbs.  Between the three of them, none could recall a time when there was a double snow day. If you count his time as a student, Dr. Dobbs has been with the district for more than 40 years.

We think it's safe to assume that Twin Falls has not had a double snow day in recent history.

Can you remember a time that there has been a double snow day for Twin Falls?

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