After 2 weeks of the holiday pickup schedule for PSI trash and recycling, many customers have become aware of putting out trash a day later. Then after the holidays, the regular schedule resumed. Well, for a week.

Monday pickup customers may have thought that Martin Luther King Jr. Day was another holiday to push back a day, but no. PSI realized that many roads were treacherous for their drivers and decided to have a snow day.

This gave the street crews time to prepare some main roads for safer travel on Tuesday. The last thing anybody needed to deal with is a trash truck slowing down a snow plow. Or worse, an accident with a resident out plowing snow as a trash truck attempted to gain access to bins.

When Will PSI Catch Up Monday Collection Missed Due to Snow Day?

Anybody who was supposed to have trash pickup on Monday, you’ll have to double up next week. The clients who have pickup on any other day this week should expect a regular day, weather and road conditions permitting. People ready for pickup this Wednesday may experience a case of the Mondays if the next system has anything to say about it.

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For future reference, holidays that will push back the waste collection schedule for a day are Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. If your trash didn’t get picked up (assuming you didn’t put it out late), it isn’t a holiday, and there is no snow, then you can be concerned.

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