The weather hasn't been kind to the Magic Valley over the last week or so, and the snow has continued to pile up, making the driving conditions less than ideal. Throughout the last few days, the area has seen schools close, businesses close, and even churches close as well. With temperatures projected to not get above freezing for a bit, the snow and ice are likely to stick around. Crews are hard at work to clear the roads, but the driving conditions are still not where residents would like. Due to the road conditions, schools are continuing to close, as well as businesses, but not all businesses are closed on Monday, due to the snow.

Businesses Closed for Martin Luther King Day in Twin Falls

While the weather and road conditions might have some employees working from home today, that is not the only reason people aren't getting out. With all the chaos of the last few days, many may have forgotten that today is Martin Luther King Day. Despite the weather, this is the reason that many businesses will be closed, although the road conditions will make them glad the holiday fell when it did. Here are some of the places closed today:

  • Twin Falls Sheriff's Office Records and Admin Sections
  • DMV
  • Courthouses 
  • Clerks Offices
  • Treasures Office
  • Planning and Zoning Departments

If any more places are closed either due to the holiday or the weather, they will be updated on the list above. 

Businesses Open on Martin Luther King Day

Credit: Tim Mossholder on Unsplash
Credit: Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Despite the holiday and conditions, many places will remain open today. It is best to stay home if possible, but if you have to leave the home, some places will gladly welcome you if you walk through their doors or need them. The following places are open today:

  • Most retail stores
  • Doctors Offices
  • Hospital
  • Detention Centers
  • Dispatch Services
  • Emergency Personnel
  • Eating Establishments
  • Media Outlets

If you need any of these or work at any of these, sadly you will not be enjoying another snow day or the holiday.  

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It is recommended that you stay in if you don't have to get out. There will be those who need to go to a doctor's visit or an appointment of some sort, or perhaps you are out of milk, eggs, water, or something you need at home. If you must get out, drive safe and take your time, but otherwise, sit back, enjoy the snow, and also enjoy Martin Luther King Day.

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