When to set up the Christmas decorations is, and will always be, a matter of debate. It will always be too early or too late depending on the person (we won't get in to when you take them down). I say "to each his own" and don't complain if I put mine up before you think I should. I don't tell you how to landscape your yard in the summer, so if somebody wants Christmas lights up before you take down your Halloween decorations, I think that is their right.

On that note, I love seeing the lights on houses anytime of year because it looks so pretty. On my house though, they go up around Thanksgiving and come down when it gets warm enough that I don't lose a finger to frostbite. After starting to put up my lights yesterday I think I may become one of those who puts up the lights early. I was only outside for about 35 minutes before the cold got so bad that I just left the remaining light strand hanging from the house. I definitely see the benefit of putting up lights early now, or just leaving them up all year long so I don't have to risk the cold and the height on the ladder ever again.

I bet people would be more accepting of having light up year round if they looked like the ones in the video at the top of the page!