Nothing lasts forever, and my old mattress was no exception. I decided it was time to move on and the mattress search began. Apparently, the trendy thing to do nowadays is buy your mattress online, which sounds truly absurd. The 100-night money-back guarantee sounded like a solid idea so I gave it a shot. I purchased a queen bed from Purple, a company based in Alpine, Utah. They’ve got some very clever advertising and probably the most 5-star reviews I’ve ever seen. For the record, their Raw Egg Test is legit.


The bed arrived in two days in a giant purple burrito, and when my new bed frame arrived, it was time to unwrap this sucker! I wasn’t expecting it to expand so quickly, or for it to fly out of the plastic upside down. The good news is that I’ve slept on it for two nights now, and it’s been pretty amazing. This is not an endorsement, (Unless Purple wants to pay me. That would be cool too.) Here is my attempt at unwrapping a Purple bed.

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