A few weeks ago someone decided to leave a very well painted rock near our back door of the station. The first time I saw it I thought how cool it was. It has been sitting near our back door for weeks now. So, what do we do with it now?

After doing a little bit of looking, there is a whole movement of people sharing brightly colored or decorated rocks all around town. It isn't even just here in Twin Falls, apparently there are groups all over Idaho and the country doing things like this. It is a great way to make someone's day that is for sure.

I really think whoever put the time and effort into this rock deserves some recognition. I mean there is no way I could paint a fish this well. It kind of looks like Nemo from Finding Nemo if he didn't have a bum fin. Maybe that is a stretch but it is still really cool.

I am a member of "Twin Falls Rocks" the Facebook page dedicated to people decorating these awesome rocks and leaving them for people to find. My question is, once you find a rock, what do you do with it?

I can't seem to find out if I am supposed to hide it again somewhere, do we keep it as a memento at the station because someone thought about us in such a kind manner or do we just let it stay where it has been.

I am not sure what to do with it but thank you to whoever decided to leave this nice little present for us. I am definitely not artistically inclined and it was something that made us smile.

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