After reading over another great selection of nominees, 95.7 KEZJ has three nominations for you, our listeners, to vote for. Here's some information on our finalists for March 2020's The Duran Group Powered By Epic Realty's Hometown Hero.

Cecille Griffith

Cecille Griffith - The nominator says Griffith has run East End Provider for over 15 years. They also say Griffith is the sweetest person they know. According to the nominator, Griffith provides food and clothing for families in the community who are having hard times. During the Christmas season, families are able to get food and presents for their families with Griffith's help. The nominator says Griffithspends hours making sure the people in the community won't go hungry.

Dave Taylor Hometown Hero Nominee March 2020

Dave Taylor - According to the nominator, Taylor founded a nonprofit sports organization in the Magic Valley that gives more kids the opportunity to play multiple sports at a competitive level. In his free time, the nominator said he coaches multiple teams that are a part of the nonprofit as well as other teams in the community. The nominator said he is constantly putting his time and effort into every single athlete to help them improve their skills and confidence. The nominee says he not only makes athletes better but also makes them better as individuals. The nominator said Taylor was able to rally the community of Kimberly to remodel the city park’s baseball field. The nominator said the field was in major need of repair to make it a safer place to play baseball. The nominator said Taylor is always willing to put his time and resources toward anything their community is in need of.

Dave Wright Hometown Hero Nominee March 2020

Dave Wright - The nominator says Wright does amazing work in animal rescue. Wright helped found Friends Furever Animal Rescue, which helps Jerome authorities with many different kinds of animal situations. The nominator says Wright has worked to save dogs that have been dumped in rural areas, even if he has to spend weeks checking live traps to keep them safe. They also said Wright is the kind of person who will climb the canyon wall to save a dog if it has gotten stuck. The nominator said Wright works tirelessly along with other members of Friends Furever Animal Rescue and deserves recognition for it.

If you'd like to nominate someone you know, fill out a form here.

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