After reading over many submissions, 95.7 KEZJ has three nominations for you, our listeners, to vote for. Here's some information on our finalists for January 2020's The Duran Group Powered By Epic Realty's Hometown Hero.

Shawn Arrington

Shawn Arrington - The nominator says Shawn has been the volunteer coordinator for the Wednesday night dinner at the St. Edward Soup Kitchen in Twin Falls for the past 19 years. They say she keeps the crew organized and shares her passion for serving others. The nominator believes Shawn is a true example of a hometown hero.

Melissa Little

Melissa Little - According to the nominator, Melissa is selfless. They said she gives endlessly to her kids and the community. Melissa serves in a few different groups in different churches around the area. The nominator said recently she has helped more than one mother escape an abusive relationship. She has also helped the mothers get settled with the items they and their children need to start a new life. The nominator said Melissa is a constant source of encouragement for the people around her. The nominator also said there are many small things she does to help our community a better place.

Stan Sorenson

Stan Sorenson - According to the nominator, this barber does amazing things for the community. Whenever someone is in need, the nominator said Stan steps up and gets it handled even if it means organizing an event. The nominator says the kindness pantry at his barbershop is amazing.

If you'd like to nominate someone you know, fill out a form here.

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