After much consideration, 95.7 KEZJ has three nominations for you, our listeners, to vote for. Here's some information on our finalists for September 2019's The Duran Group Powered By Epic Realty's Hometown Hero.

Chef Ratnadeep

Chef Ratnadeep - Chef Ratnadeep is the owner of the new restaurant Saffron in Downtown Twin Falls. The nominator says the restaurant is amazing and the food is SO rich and flavorful. It's incredible to have access to such an awesome, authentic Indian restaurant. During every visit the nominator has had, they say the chef always comes to talk to them during their meal. The staff at Saffron is also friendly and they never rush you out, according to the nominator.

Copy of Hometown Hero

Jeanette Roe - Jeanette is the executive director at the Twin Falls Senior Center. Her nominator says Jeanette has invested passion and energy in the Twin Falls Senior Center for several years. The nominator says they want to thank the whole team at the Senior Center, as they are all integral and valued in the community. The nominator says their tireless work they do day in and day out is not in vain. They do the work because they're determined that the Magic Valley seniors don't go hungry and don't feel alone or forgotten.

Austin Smith

Austin Smith - According to the nominator, the Chief of Police for Shoshone doesn't get nearly the recognition that he deserves. Austin works nearly every day, whether it be while at home during his "off-time" with his family, or while actually at work, both day and night, and sometimes for over 24 hours straight. He prides himself on dedication to the community of Shoshone, and always puts everyone else before himself. On average he works more than 250 hours a month, yet is salaried and doesn't get paid for going above and beyond. He does it out of the kindness of his own heart, ensuring that his city and his employees are safe and taken care of. He was also never recognized for saving the life of a child last December who had medical issues, according to the nominator.

Now that you know a bit about each of our nominees, vote for one below!

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