Hear me out on this one, but I feel like, after a day like today, more people are going to agree with me than not. Vinyl fences in Twin Falls are the worst idea ever. And there is more than one reason why.

First and foremost, they are terrible in the wind

Vinyl fences and high winds don't mix. And Twin Falls really likes to get some high winds. Gusts up to 60 or 70 miles per hour are not every day, but they aren't exactly uncommon. Vinyl fences kind of act like sails in the wind, they catch it, and then your entire fence blows over. It is not even just one slot that tends to blow over, the panels are all attached to each other so they all tip over like one big family.

They are pretty but they aren't that durable

Sure they are nice and white at first. They look very modern and sleek. However, I have seen them vandalized over and over again. I know that isn't the fault of the person who owns the fence, but if a teenager can bust through the center of the panel with a kick, they probably aren't durable enough. And they are kind of expensive. Although, wood fences are getting pretty ridiculous now that lumber prices have increased so much.

Maybe there just isn't a good type of fence to put up in Twin Falls. My wood fence blew over and chain links are easy to bend.

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