Please don't burn me at the stake, pun intended. I just don't think finger steaks are that good. I swear, Idahoans may just disown me after this.

I have had finger steaks from a lot of different restaurants all over Idaho. When I moved here that was like the first thing everyone said to me, "You have to try these finger steaks". Unfortunately, I just haven't been all that impressed.

Maybe I put too much hype into it thinking it was going to be the best thing that I have ever eaten in my entire life. Maybe I have just caught restaurants on a bad day making them. Maybe I just don't have enough Idaho in me to appreciate the masterpiece. No matter the reason, I just don't think they are all that good.

A few people have told me that I have to try them from this place or that place. I will try it wherever they are recommended. I just don't think that I will consciously order them for myself again. Also I need to know if I am just dipping it in the wrong sauce or something. I use fry sauce because, fry sauce makes everything better. It makes finger steaks at least somewhat enjoyable for me.

I hope I haven't lost friends over this. Maybe I wouldn't blame you if I do. I wish I had the affinity for them that so many other Idahoans do, they just aren't that good.

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