We look forward to adding a fun, family oriented activity to the Magic Valley.

We are always excited about new business's opening in Twin Falls. This business will bring a level of entertainment that Twin Falls doesn't currently offer.

Edward Ford of Twin Falls, and his family, are planning to open Twin Falls Escape Rooms. They will be located at 826 Blue Lakes Blvd North in Twin Falls.

Twin Falls Escape Rooms will have three themed rooms available. Two of the three rooms will be geared towards everyone ages 10 and up. One of the rooms will be titled "The Neighbors", the other... "Silver City Bank Heist".

The third room will be meant for those 12 and under. This room will be called "Captain Kidd's Treasure Hunt".

All rooms will consist of a series of puzzles, locks and riddles with the ultimate goal of escaping the room and/or completing a specific task in the allotted 1 hour time limit. Each group or team that takes on the challenge will consist of 2-8 members. Due to the large number of tasks to be completed in the hour, Ford and his family strongly suggest that the teams have 6-8 members so that they can work on multiple puzzles at the same time.


  • Rooms for ages 10 and up will be $15/person
  • Rooms for 12 and under will be $10/person

Ford encourages birthday groups, group events, team building events and corporate events. However they will not have space to accommodate an actual celebration. Groups of 8 or less are welcome to book a themed room.

Ford stated, "We look forward to adding a fun, family oriented activity to the Magic Valley."

Twin Falls Escape Rooms plans to open it's doors at the end of October. They are currently waiting for the city of Twin Falls to approve their plans.