There are two Twin Falls homes for sale that are less than 700 square feet and the price of each home may surprise you. It is indicative of the housing market right now in Twin Falls I guess.

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According to Zillow, the smallest home for sale in Twin Falls right now is 517 square feet located at 1125 11th Ave E and it is listed at $190,000 dollars. There aren't a ton of pictures available to see online. I was kind of wondering how you fit 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in a home that is only 517 square feet. It does not show the bathrooms but the bedrooms don't look too small. The kitchen barely looks like you can turn around in it though. It would be a nice started home or a bachelor pad I think.

Small Homes

The second small home for sale on Zillow is located at 327 3rd Ave N at 696 square feet. It is a one bedroom one bathroom home for sale at a listed price of $169,900 dollars. This one I at least believe would have an ok sized bedroom and bathroom. The back yard is pretty nice even though it doesn't have much grass. The fence is a nice touch and honestly I think the inside is pretty cute. If I was single and in need of a home that was a started I would definitely consider this house if I could afford it. It is a better price that the other home.

The housing market is absolutely insane to me right now.

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