The biggest change the Twin Falls community will see is the consolidation of the Canyon Rim YMCA with the YMCA on Elizabeth Blvd.

The YMCA has been a big part of the Twin Falls community for over two decades. As a community, we have relied on the YMCA for our nutritional advice, exercise needs and overall healthy way of life. 

It's no secret that in the past year the YMCA has seen many changes in regards to their financial situation. Recently, the company released a letter to the public and it's members. The letter contained an explanation of events and the YMCA's plan for moving forward.

The upcoming YMCA changes will effect numerous people in the Twin Falls community. The biggest change the Twin Falls community will see is the Canyon Rim YMCA will be consolidated with the YMCA on Elizabeth Blvd. After the consolidation the Canyon Rim location will be sold.

The YMCA plans to close their Canyon Rim location by the end of October. The YMCA also plans to remodel the Elizabeth location. The pool will be remodeled by December 31st 2016. The locker rooms will be remodeled and an after-school program will be started by March 2017. Beginning in April 2017, the YMCA will remodel their children's existing playground and begin building an Adventure Center.

I was looking over YMCA member comments and most members seem to be embracing the changes to the YMCA. One member even said they were sad to see the Canyon Rim location close but are happy to see a plan in place.

However, other members are concerned about fees, hours and purchasing a membership based off a location that will no longer be available.

The YMCA staff and Board Of Directors released the following statement in their recent letter.

"We would like the community to I would like to thank our YMCA members and Y supporters for your continuing support and belief in our local YMCA. Our Staff and board is fully committed to turning the Elizabeth Street YMCA into an organization that the entire community can be proud of."

For more information, contact the YMCA of Twin Falls. 

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