It is that magical time of year again where Girl Scouts are all over town trying to sell their delicious boxes of edible gold. Girl Scout cookies are possibly one of the best things on the planet and we want to know which cookie is the best.

I wish I could find a way to have access to these cookies year round, but then I am pretty sure I would go into a sugar coma. If you go to the Girl Scout website, you can find a list of all the cookies and you can type in your zip code to figure out where you can get some deliciousness in your life.

I personally and unashamedly devoured an entire box of S'more cookies on Saturday night while watching television. They are probably my new favorite ranked right up there with Samoas. But Thin Mints right from the freezer are pretty hard to beat too. Maybe it is a good thing that they are only available one time a year.

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