The things that you absolutely have to do before school starts back up in August or before the cold starts to return. There are so many amazing and fun things to do around the area and so here is the bucket list I created before summer 2021 kicks the bucket.


  • 1

    Go to Box Canyon

    I love Box Canyon. It is a nice little hike and a beautiful view. Definitely a must go to this summer.

  • 2

    Check out Master Blasters

    The brand new indoor nerf gun arena just sounds like too much fun to miss this summer. I bet they will have winter hours too but summer nerf guns just sounds more fun.

  • 3

    Jump into a body of water

    It could be Dierkes, the Snake River (at a safe location), Lake Cleveland (even though that is closer to Burley), whatever! Just jump in and enjoy the cool water before it gets too cold to enjoy.

  • 4

    Check out the South Hills

    Even if you aren't going up there to camp, you might find it interesting to see the remains of the Badger Fire that scorched nearly 100 thousand acres and see what amazing growth is returning.

  • 5


    Again, find any body of water and try kayaking. Whether it is the first time or the 500th time, kayaking is so much fun and a great workout.

  • 6

    Eat with a canyon view

    Whether you go to Canyon Crest, Elevation 486 or sit in the parking lot of Sportman's Warehouse you should eat a meal with a canyon view this summer.

  • 7

    Appreciate some critters

    Go into the wilderness, camp out and appreciate all the critters that live around us. I don't care if you are just appreciating a squirrel doing squirrel things, animals around us are amazing, especially if you look hard enough.

  • 8

    Pick your own fruit

    There are several u-pick farms around the area. For some reason fruit tastes the best when you picked it yourself.

  • 9

    Have a picnic

    Some of the best memories I had as a kid was making our own picnic lunch and finding a park or a random place to eat. Just exploring a bit.

  • 10

    Float the river

    Get in an inner tube, attach a cooler and float for hours down the Snake River. Talk about a relaxing and amazing day.

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