The Orpheum Theatre in Twin Falls has gotten into the spirit of Halloween and announced multiple showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Fans of the 1975 cult classic film The Rocky Horror Picture Show will be excited to hear that the Orpheum Theatre in Twin Falls has two show dates scheduled this month. The Orpheum's management is planning for a couple of raucous evenings on October 22 and 23, having stated that they are expecting moviegoers to be "making a mess in the theatre this month," on their official Facebook page.

The film was released in September of 1975 and did terribly at the box office, but then grew in popularity when movie theaters created an audience participation theme allowing for those in attendance to bring props such as rice, toast, toilet paper, and other materials.

The film stars Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon in the lead roles. Curry plays "Frank N. Furter", while Sarandon plays "Janet Weiss." Sarandon's character meets Curry's after her automobile breaks down in a storm, and she happens across the estate of Frank N. Furter, a wild, cross-dressing party animal who employs a number of interesting characters that take the film to a level of debauchery unlike any other.

It has been quite some time since I've had the entire Rocky Horror Picture Show experience, and if anyone can pull it off well it would be the staff at the Orpheum Theatre. If you happen to buy a ticket for one of the upcoming shows, throw a piece of toast for me.

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