It is supposed to get really REALLY hot for Twin Falls over the next 10 days. If you are planning on heading out and about this week or if you just don't like the heat, we have a fun little poem for you to recite to yourself as you melt.

8 of the next 10 days have the potential to be in the triple digits. The average high temperature in Twin Falls in June is 78 degrees. HA! So repeat after me, Ahem:

Your ice cream is going to melt at record speed; it's stinkin' hot outside!

Your pet's feet will burn on concrete; it's stinkin' hot outside!

My skin is baking like a lobster cake; it's stinkin' hot outside!

Slather your face in greasy sun block paste; it's stinkin' hot outside!

It's so dry you can hear my skin's outcry for a water supply; It's stinkin' hot outside!

Don't touch the seat belt metal or your skin will blister; it's stinkin' hot outside!

Pray that AC Unit can keep up with it; it's stinkin' hot outside!

Your plants, yea, they are probably going to die' it's stinkin' hot outside!

Find a pool and try to stay cool; it's stinkin' hot outside!

Most importantly of all don't forget the DEODORANT; IT'S STINKIN' HOT OUTSIDE!

Here is to hoping that you can stay nice and cool over the next 10 days. Let's also hope that the fires stay away because it is so hot and dry out there it is going to be a rough fire season.

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