Twin Falls has a new raceway that anyone can drive on and anyone can win cash. The South Hills Raceway is a new drag racing strip that was created as a way to combat illegal street racing.

South Hills Raceway

Thomas Tillotson created the South Hills Raceway as a way to help combat illegal street racing. He said it has always been a dream of his to bring drag racing to Twin Falls and he has officially done it. Tillotson built a bus that hauls a complete 1/8 mile timing system that can be set up anywhere. The raceway is located at 3100 N 2800 E in Twin Falls.

Catch Me If You Can Racing Event

Anyone can participate and have a chance to win some cash. The first-place winner gets a payout and there is a bracket system. There is a full PA system so they will be able to make announcements throughout the event so the crowd knows what's going on. The event is on August 13th and August 14th.

Pricing To Participate In The Event

To be a spectator it is $5 each, but children 10 and under are free. For a test and tune it is $50. To participate in the main event brackets is $65 dollars. "Grudge" passes get you 3 passes for $10. You can check out everything you need to know about the event and the raceway by clicking here.

Tillotson said he is so excited to bring drag racing to the area, away from the crowds and in a safe manner. He really wants to grow the sport in the area and keep the racers off the main roads and out of town.

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