There is a couple on YouTube who said they decided to quit their jobs and explore the world. Due to COVID 19 they came back to the United States and continue their adventures. They made a stop in Southern Idaho and it makes me wish it wasn't the last day of summer.

They shared the video on September 12th and it looks like they had a great time. Their first stop was Blue Heart Springs and Box Canyon. They got to experience first hand just how cold 58 degree water is even when it is nearly 100 degrees outside.

They then went and checked out Pillar Falls, Shoshone Falls, the Perrine Coulee (the completely butchered the name which is hilarious) and more. It makes me so reminiscent of all the amazing things there are to do around southern Idaho in the summer time. I wish summer didn't have to end. I am not ready for snow, rain and freezing temperatures.

Anyway, they look like they had a wonderful time. They named Idaho as one of the most underrated states, and I would have to agree. There are so many fun and amazing things to do around the area.

Plus, can we just talk about how amazing it would be to be able to quit your job and just explore the world for a living and vlog about it. Talk about dream job.

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