This seems like an awful lot of effort to figure out that Americans like cars and junk food.

A company called NetBase analyzed 2.7 Billion Facebook, Twitter, and other social media messages looking for the phrase "I want."  Then they collected data on what people said they wanted.

And the things we want most are . . . ice cream, pizza, and cars.

For women, ice cream is number one.  In fact, most of the top 10 was food-related.  Pizza is third, chocolate is fourth, cake is fifth, cookies are sixth, coffee is seventh, sushi is ninth, and pancakes are 10th.  The only non-foods are cars and phones.

For men, cars are number one.  And food dominates their top 10 too.  Pizza is second, ice cream third, beer fourth, cookies fifth, cake sixth, pancakes eighth, chicken ninth, and bacon 10th.  Again, only cars and phones are non-food entries.

The most popular type of ice cream women wanted was Dairy Queen, followed by Cold Stone.  The most popular type of car men wanted was Ford, followed by Honda.  

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