Celebrity Veterans
Today is a day we celebrate all of our past and present soldiers.  The sacrifices these men and women have made for our country is truly amazing. We don't always realize that some celebrities are also veterans.
1. Willie Nelson was enlisted in the Air Force in 1950. He wanted to be a pilot …
The U.S. Ranks 120th Out of 169 Countries in Voter Turnout
According to LiveScience, about 60% of eligible voters will vote in the election today.  And that's VERY low compared to the rest of the free world.  Of 169 countries with free elections, the U.S. ranks 120th in voter turnout.  There are two reasons why.
Three Things Americans Want Most are Ice Cream, Pizza, and Cars
This seems like an awful lot of effort to figure out that Americans like cars and junk food.
A company called NetBase analyzed 2.7 Billion Facebook, Twitter, and other social media messages looking for the phrase "I want."  Then they collected data on what people said they want…
Americans React to News That Osama bin Laden Is Dead [PHOTOS]
The world was brought to a standstill late Sunday evening when President Barack Obama confirmed that terrorist leader Osama bin Laden had been killed by U.S. operatives in Pakistan.
Americans quickly gathered to celebrate outside the White House, and before you knew it, New Yorkers were gathering in …