It's one thing to talk to your pets.  Yeah, they probably don't understand 99.9% of what you're saying . . . but at least they're living beings.  This is a whole different level.

According to a survey commissioned by Jiffy Lube, three out of five Americans talk to their cars.  Here's what they're saying . . . and they could give more than one answer.

50% have thanked their cars for a job well done, like getting them somewhere on time. 

39% of people say they verbally encourage their cars.  Like, "Come on, get up the hill without making me turn off the heat.  You can do it.  You got this.  You're a beast."

32% have apologized to their cars, either for reckless driving, getting in an accident, putting them through bad conditions, and more.

30% beg or plead with their cars.

21% of people talk sweet to their cars while RUBBING the dashboard, steering wheel, or some other part. 

And 17% of people try to bribe their cars by verbally promising them premium gas, a car wash, and other special gifts. 

(PR Newswire)