The Best Time to Have a Serious Talk With Your Husband
Having a serious conversation with your husband can be tricky. Not only do you need to find a moment when your children aren't taking notes, but you have to make sure your husband has decompressed from work enough to actually hear what you are saying.
As with most situations, food can help. Serv…
Guy Talk
My husband is usually pretty sweet unless he is hanging out with his friends. If he is "watching the game" or in a vehicle with his buddies it becomes very difficult for him to say things that he would normally say. For example...if I am talking to him on the phone and I tell him I…
Why Do You Think Women Talk More Than Men?
I am well aware that I talk way more than my husband but I had no idea I said 20,000 words a day . . . which is almost TRIPLE the number guys say, at about 7,000.  Women are known to be more outgoing and overall more chatty than men but scientists have figured out why.
Three Out of Five of You Talk to Your Car
It's one thing to talk to your pets.  Yeah, they probably don't understand 99.9% of what you're saying . . . but at least they're living beings.  This is a whole different level.
According to a survey commissioned by Jiffy Lube, three out of five Americans talk to their …