How Much Pizza Do Americans Consume?
As Americans we use a lot of stuff. Have you ever thought about how MUCH stuff we go through in a how many shoes, pairs of jeans or toilet paper? Well, Buzzfeed broke it down for you.
1.  Jeans . . . 175 pairs.
2.  Shoes . . . 310 pairs.
92% of People Plan on Finding a New Job Next Year
According to a new survey, 92% of Americans say that they want to get a new job next year and 83% will be doing some serious job hunting. Only a mind-blowing 5% of people plan on being at their current job one year from now.
The researchers say,
These numbers should signal a wake-up call for top manag…
Three Out of Five of You Talk to Your Car
It's one thing to talk to your pets.  Yeah, they probably don't understand 99.9% of what you're saying . . . but at least they're living beings.  This is a whole different level.
According to a survey commissioned by Jiffy Lube, three out of five Americans talk to their …