Some new stats on crime have  been released that suggest these are the most dangerous neighborhoods in Twin Falls.

Neighborhood Scout released some new research that tracked crime statistics and types of violent crimes relative to the population in Twin Falls.  According to their research, these are the most dangerous neighborhoods in Twin.

#3 Washington Street North / North College Road

These neighborhoods fall are to the north and south of the College of Southern Idaho, including a large portion of the President Streets. This is debateable but long time residents might tell you the neighborhoods are nicer the closer you get to Blue Lakes and things worsen as you head to the west.

#2 McMillan

There’s a considerable amount of industry to the south but there are some neighborhoods in this area as well. And I don't know anyone who is fearful of walking down Kimberly road. That said, there are a few bars in the area and some might find it a little unsafe, especially at night.

#1 Downtown Twin Falls

For the second year in a row that we've been following this data, Downtown has been named the most dangerous neighborhood in Twin Falls.

This includes the numbered streets, Main Street and the Twin Falls City Park.

So, how do these stats stack up against real life in Twin Falls? Comment and let us know what you think.

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