During the summer, it can be a hassle to go shopping. Kids don’t want to sit in the basket. The spouse doesn’t want to be cooped up for hours. Heck, the dog is complaining and they don’t even go shopping with you. There are so many things you want to be doing outside, who wants to take the time to go to the grocery store?

Maybe a farmer’s market will help ease the pain you feel when you have to shop. There are plenty here in the Magic Valley. One of them gets you out of your house and into one of the most beautiful parts of the Magic Valley, Hagerman.

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Sundays in Hagerman could be just the ticket to spice up your Summer task list. From June 18th through September 3rd, the Farmer’s Market is ready to provide you with some fresh produce. Surely you could buy produce at the grocery store, but it wouldn’t be as fresh or have the same ambiance.

The Hagerman Farmer’s Market is Sundays from 10 AM -2 PM with fresh produce, but there is much more. There’s a self-pick option when the fruit is ripe, live music, food vendors, wine tasting, and a train to carry people from vendor to vendor. Look for all the fun at 1071 E 2900 S, Hagerman.

Planned events include a motorcycle show and a car show. Is that a mini horse or a unicorn? Bring the kids to find out on the 25th. All of this while nestled in an actual orchard. How can there be a more farmer's market ambiance than an orchard? Feels a bit like a Norman Rockwell painting, but let’s just roll with it.

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