We're asking you to help us figure out who has the worst parking lot in Twin Falls. Take our poll.  

First, we'll set some unofficial ground rules.  'Worst' in this case refers to parking in Twin that is both difficult to navigate and difficult to get into, or the spaces are too small.

We asked for your feedback on radio and social media and here are some of the lots that you mentioned most.

It's just not big enough for the amount of traffic.

Some of the spaces are angled, some are straight confusing some people into driving the wrong way.

Lynwood (Blue Lakes)
The side the faces Filer isn't bad but trying to get into Idaho Joe's can be rough.  The spaces are small and are packed in tight.

Fred Meyer Complex
We don't think this is the worst but a lot of you commented on Fred Meyer.  The lines are faded on the west lot (over by Great Harvest), forcing you to make a best guess.

Starbucks at Filer/Blue Lakes
Not easy to get to and not enough spaces.

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