I had no idea this place existed until today. There is a local cotton candy vendor named Cow Dog Cotton Candy that is apparently the best cotton candy on the face of the planet. So I had to figure out what made them so different.

There is no one real answer. When I first read their name I thought maybe it was a dog treat that appeared to be like cotton candy but nope. It is actual cotton candy for humans and it is way more than just whipped up sugar.

Cow Dog Cotton Candy has a ton of different flavors. Gone are the days of "I'll take blue". I was snooping around on their website and they have some pretty awesome looking flavors.

You can get flavors like banana, cherry lime, various chocolate flavors and even spicy ones like cinnamon and chili lime. I don't think of spicy when I think cotton candy but I won't knock it until I try it. There is also one called a grape lime Rickey. I have no idea what that is. A few callers said their favorites were the s'mores and root beer flavored.

You can find them at the Twin Falls Downtown Farmers Market on Main Street on Saturdays and events around the area. They are going to be at Oktoberfest in Downtown. The tubs of it can also be purchased at the Twin Falls Visitor's Center, at the Mt. View Barn in Jerome or on etsy.

If you were wondering how they picked their name, they decided everything is better with a cow dog. They have a rescue named Hudson and he looks like a cutie.

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