The tiny house movement seems to be catching on so we went in search of the tiniest house for sale in Twin Falls.

The tiny house craze is demonstrated by the popularity of television programs like Tiny House Nation. There's a growing segment of the population, which is comprised largely of millennials, that are more interested in less overhead than square footage.

There really aren't any national standards but it's generally accepted that any home under 500 square feet is categorized as tiny.  We found two homes in the Twin Falls area that qualify.

Our first and smallest of the two is located in Murphy Hot Springs. I know, it's a trailer but at 224 square feet, it technically meets the requirements of a tiny house. It's currently listed at $29,000, which means you'd have a house payment that's smaller than most car payments. It has a detached shed, which would be good for storing all of your stuff. Or you could use it as a guest house when the in-laws come to visit... 'cause that's how you roll.

This home in Kimberly is 368 square feet and located on 1.87 acres and is for sale at $129,000. The only thing that makes me nervous about this one is that there are no pictures of the inside. But it is sitting on almost two acres of land, so if you're looking to downsize, it might be worth a look.


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