Here are five places in Twin Falls where it's nearly impossible to turn left. Comment and let us know what we should add to the list.

Any left-turn out of the mall

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These could easily count as multiple locations but since they're all in the same general area, we decided to lump them into one.  Whether you're turning from the south entrance onto Pole Line, trying to turn left onto Brideview or fighting incoming traffic from the bridge and trying to go left onto Blue Lakes, I don't think there's anywhere in Twin that compares to how with difficult it is to exit the mall with a left turn.

Wendy's on Blue Lakes

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You could argue that turning left anywhere on Blue Lakes is a challenge... but throw in an extra turn lane for drivers wanting to turn east on Falls and now you're crossing four lanes of traffic to turn left. If you see anyone trying to turn left out of Wendy's, it's a dead giveaway that they're from out of town.

McChevron on Addison and Washington

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If I were to make the call, I'd say this is probably the most difficult. The exit is so close to the light that you're hard pressed to find an opening. Every now and then, you'll come across someone who's stopped at the light and will leave a gap for those trying to exit, but it's rare.  Entering from the left isn't any easier. If you're trying to enter via Washington and turn left, there's a good chance you're holding up northbound traffic.

Main and Shoshone

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This one always perplexes me because it's either feast or famine. And it's not just me... At one time the city didn't allow for left turns but switched back awhile later.

Mr Gas at Blue Lakes and Falls

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Blue Lakes is bound to get more than one nod just by sheer volume. It doesn't matter if you're trying to exit onto Falls or Blue Lakes, it's not a good idea to turn left out of Mr. Gas. But I've seen people try it anyways. It's probably why it's one of the worst intersections in Twin Falls for accidents.

So how'd we do? Let us know what we should have added to this list.