The Burley Straw Maze and Pumpkin Patch are a must-go each fall, especially if you have a family. There is always so much to do and it never disappoints! Honestly, every event that the Burley Straw Maze puts on is a must-go. But the fall attraction opens soon.

Burley Straw Maze and Pumpkin Patch

The Burley Straw Maze and Pumpin Patch has so much to do. Obviously, there is a massive straw maze you have to maneuver your way through. It also has attractions like a zipline, a corn pit, giant slides, hayrides, a play area, a jump pad, a barrel train, a swing ride, and a corn cannon! If you have never shot a corn canon, you are definitely missing out! They have some targets for you to shoot at and it is so much fun.

Pricing Information And Hours

They open up on September 23rd and stay open through October 29th. There are times that the maze is haunted so if you prefer not to be scared, avoid Saturday nights in October.

Weekday Admission is $10 dollars each Monday through Thursday

Weekend tickets include Friday and Saturday and they are $12 dollars each.

Haunted admission is for Saturdays in October from 8 pm through 11 pm and it is $14 dollars each.

Children 3 years and younger are free with at least one paying adult and general admission includes a maze, slides, zip line, hayrides, jump pad, corn pit, straw pyramid, barrel train, and the kid play area.

Extra attractions like getting pumpkins, swing rides, ax throwing, the corn cannon, bull rides, and concessions all cost extra and prices vary.

Season passes are also available for the year where you can get access to all events they host.

In years past they have had themes to the area but that has not been disclosed yet. A few years ago they had looney tune characters painted on the hay bales and it was epic! Seriously, this place is a ton of fun, you definitely have to check it out.

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