In 2008 the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints constructed a beautiful temple in Twin Falls Idaho.If you are like me, you probably drive by this Twin Falls building and never stop to take in it's beauty. The above featured YouTube video showcases the temple's beauty as well as Southern Idaho's beauty.

African wood and Indian granite are just a few of the inside temple finishes. If you toured the temple in 2008 you probably remember many other features that make this Twin Falls building extraordinary. Every detail of the temple design was well thought out and constructed, leaving the building flawless.

The exterior is constructed of concrete panels and quartz rock finish. According to Mormon Temples website the entire temple is 31,245 square feet.

The Twin Falls temple is located at 1405 Eastland Drive North. Next time you drive by, slow down and take in the beauty of this Twin Falls building.

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