Thanksgiving is a time to remember all the good things we have in our lives. Family and friends join together to treasure and share those thoughts and blessings. Then we eat food.

The main course is always important. Depending on where you live and the type of people you are feeding, the Thanksgiving menu may vary. What ties those people together throughout the festivities after the main event is dessert. What dessert is synonymous with Thanksgiving? Pie.

How to Decide What Pie to Make for Thanksgiving

Different regions have different pie traditions. You can find turkey anywhere, but you can’t find certain pies. What type of pie area do you live in? Are you a transplant to a new area and can’t find your favorite pie for the holidays?

Maybe help guests feel welcome by trying a pie they used to have where they came from. Maybe educate people about what kind of pie you remember. Some people go above and beyond by asking their guests what kind of pie they would like to see when they visit.

What Pies Are People Making in Each State?

Credit The Pioneer Woman
Credit The Pioneer Woman

That is the only way these strange search results make any sense. How can anyone think that key lime pie is an acceptable flavor for Thanksgiving in Idaho? What’s wrong with pumpkin, pecan, sweet potato, apple, cherry, and chocolate? Key Lime being a popular recipe search in Florida isn’t surprising since they are synonymous with citrus. Who in Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho is throwing off the numbers?

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While key lime pie is favored in our household, it is not an appropriate Thanksgiving pie. Go get crazy at your own table. Don’t bring that insanity here.

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