You might disagree with me, but if I remember correctly Sodbuster's on Blue Lakes in Twin Falls was great! Great food, great pie, and great milkshakes. 

Idaho Joe's took over the Sodbuster's location several years ago but according to Brandi Christensen the pies are the same. Mary Bennett baked pies for Sodbusters and still bakes pies for Idaho Joe's. Wow, that's a lot of pies.

If you loved Sodbusters and want something collectible to remember them by, Herwoldallas is selling a Sodbuster menu on Ebay.

herwoldallas via Ebay
herwoldallas via Ebay

The menu is an original Sodbuster Twin Falls Menu from 1990. The seller claims the menu is used but in good condition (no jelly on this menu). You can purchase the menu for the Sodbuster lover in your life for only $25.00.

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