Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and while many take that as a cue to focus on Christmas shopping and getting ready for the next major holiday, maybe you should instead slow down and appreciate Thanksgiving. Many of us have certain movies we enjoy watching for Halloween and Christmas, but when it comes to Thanksgiving, not many have a movie or group of movies they have to watch every year, but maybe this year you should prop your feet up and enjoy some good ole fashion movies about Thanksgiving as the holiday approaches. Here is a list of some movies that everyone should watch to get into the holiday mood.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

With many movies on this list being forgotten about or not thought of as Thanksgiving movies, let's start with the most obvious and classic, 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.' If this movie doesn't get you feeling festive and enjoying this time of year, then you don't deserve to have any of the delicious food, as this is one every family should watch or at least have on in the background for the holiday.

Tower Heist

While it may not be your traditional family table Thanksgiving movie, 'Tower Heist' is indeed a Thanksgiving movie. The heist takes place on the holiday during Macy's Thanksgiving parade, and if you have never seen it, the cast for this movie is fantastic, with the likes of Ben Stiller, Casey Affleck, Eddie Murphy, and Matthew Broderick.


Perhaps you have a home full of kids on the holiday and are looking for something lighthearted and fun that the little ones can enjoy. There is no better Thanksgiving movie for kids than 'Freebirds.' The adults will enjoy it as well, but this one is more about fun for the whole family than anything else.

Meet the Parents

While it may not technically be a Thanksgiving movie like others on this list, or even another in the series, 'Meet The Parents' has a Thanksgiving feel to it. The movie is taking place in the fall and with the weather in the movies and the outfits, it gives us a fun family movie to watch for the holiday, as well as many people, are meeting the parents for the first time for the holidays, so it seems fitting.

Little Fockers

Unlike 'Meet The Parents,' 'Meet The Fockers' does take place on Thanksgiving. There is a scene where cutting the turkey goes wrong, and while it is only one scene, you can argue it is a Thanksgiving movie. You could watch the whole trilogy building up to the holiday, but if you want to stick strictly to Thanksgiving movies that the whole family can enjoy, then this is the one you would want to watch and enjoy. Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro have great chemistry in these movies.

Son In Law

Anybody that grew up in the 90s had some sort of feeling about Pauly Shore. You hated him, loved him, he made you laugh, or annoyed you, but he was everywhere in the 90s. One of the better movies he was in was ' Son In Law' which is a movie many have seen but forget exists until somebody mentions it. It is a fun movie about Thanksgiving and there are many memorable lines and scenes from it as well. If you haven't seen it in a while, this is the time of year to reminisce on the 90s and the days of Pauly Shore.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

If you need a movie to have the family laughing and to avoid bad moods on the holiday, put on ' Planes, Trains, and Automobiles,' as it is impossible to not have the family laughing at this classic comedy. Steve Martin and John Candy are at their best as Martin's character is trying to get home for Thanksgiving, but finds himself spending days with Candy. It is fun, and lighthearted, and is the perfect movie to watch for Thanksgiving.


Unlike others on this list, 'Prisoners' is not your typical happy, family Thanksgiving movie. It is a thriller and dark and will give many parents anxiety, but Hugh Jackman's performance is incredible throughout. For those looking for a good, yet darker movie, then make sure to watch 'Prisoners' this holiday season, and use it as a reminder to keep an eye on your kids if they play outside during the long weekend. 

The New World

This one may not be for the whole family, but it does represent the first Thanksgiving more accurately than any other movie. With a great cast of Collin Ferrell, Christian Bale, and Christopher Plummer, the acting in this movie is incredible, but it is a more serious, brutal movie to watch. 'The New World' will make you thankful for all the peace in your life, and not the chaos that takes place in the movie.


Instead of a live version of Pocahontas, pop in the Disney animated version to enjoy a light-hearted movie that will have adults singing along and remembering their childhood, while also introducing a younger generation to a movie many of us grew up on. To be honest, when is the last time you watched this? Thanksgiving seems like a perfect time to put it on and enjoy a classic.

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While Halloween and Christmas movies get more love and attention, that doesn't mean there aren't some good movies to watch and get you into the Thanksgiving mood. Watch any of these above as the holiday approaches, or even on the holiday itself. Perhaps there is another one you and your family prefer, but if you need a break from the stress that comes with the holidays, turn on a movie and relax, there are many good options. 

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