The holiday season is here and most of us will be out shopping for gifts for our friends, coworkers, and family members over the next month. While so much focus is on buying gifts for loved ones, and perhaps the occasional one for yourself, it is also a time to focus on helping those in need. In the past, charity events have done well in the Magic Valley during the holidays, but a sad trend has taken place recently and that seems to be less and less giving in the last couple of years. Are the residents of the Magic Valley becoming more Grinch-like and selfish, or is something else causing less giving during the holidays?

The Giving or Selfish Season in the Magic Valley?

Photo by Katt Yukawa on Unsplash
Photo by Katt Yukawa on Unsplash

In the past, the Magic Valley has been known to be an extremely giving community. When charity events take place, the residents would come out and support and donate either their time, money, or whatever was being asked. Sometimes it was the same people coming to every event, other times it was someone donating to a cause close to their heart, and the majority of the giving was a mixture of people who could give to certain ones and not others. Typically, when a goal was set for an event, it was reached. If a truck wanted to be filled with school supplies, dog food, turkeys, or whatever was being asked, it was rare to see an event fall short. Over the last couple of years, that seems to have changed though, and goals are falling short, and residents seem to be giving less. Are they tired of giving? Are they being selfish? Is there another reason playing a factor? For residents who have been a part of the Magic Valley for a while, it is a little shocking, to say the least. 

Why People Aren't Giving in the Magic Valley

Credit: interstid
Credit: interstid

It isn't always as simple as it seems when a charity doesn't reach its desired goal. If a family that gives on every charity event has moved or lost their job, it could be a factor. It could be as simple as people are busy or don't want to give, but there is likely a better explanation. While giving is something many enjoy and try to do, especially around the holiday season, it is tough to give when everything has continued to go up in price over the last couple of years, making budgets a little tighter on everyone. There are also many events to give to this time of year, and giving to them all isn't possible for everyone, so perhaps you skip donating to a previous one you gave, to instead give to a different one. As long as the prices of everything continue to increase, and salaries continue to not rise with the costs, it will be tougher for certain people who once gave, to do so again.

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While now is the season of giving, not everyone will be able to give. No matter how big or small, every donation helps when it comes to charity. You don't have to give to all of them, but if you are able, make sure to take some time and donate to those less fortunate this time of year. Don't be a Grinch this holiday season, and let's put others before ourselves. Tis the season.

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