The Coronavirus has caused some delays and cancellations from concerts to sports. Unfortunately, it has also caused the delay of Texas Roadhouse construction in Twin Falls.

Construction of the new building will be delayed until 2021. There is no specific date set just yet on when it will resume but they do anticipate it resuming. The good news is there is no indication that Texas Roadhouse will cancel coming to the area. I guess I can't blame them, they did put quite a bit of work in the parking lot already. It will be nice to see it get back up and going.

So rest assured Twin Falls and Magic Valley residents. Texas Roadhouse is coming we just have to wait a little longer for those delicious rolls than we though. But that is ok right, we have waited this long for it, what is a few more months. I would imagine construction could take up to a year but I am no expert.

There are still jobs posted on their website for management positions. You may have to wait about a year to get a call back or maybe you get hired and have a full year to prepare for you job. I wonder what the employee discount on their food is. Mmmmm I can't wait.

We will get more information as it becomes available and let you know.

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