Sweet T's Cupcakery has made the announcement they are "taking a break" and closing their doors. They are currently selling their equipment as well. The owners announced that a break is overdue.

Sweet T's Cupcakery is Closing Its Doors

Originally, they were planning on moving from their older location. However, they said they were not sure where they were moving and they needed a break. They are selling the location on Main street as well.

Sweet T's Selling Everything

They are selling everything from furniture to displays. If you are someone looking to enhance your own business or kitchen, this might be a great opportunity. The building they originally operated out of is also for sale. We had seen reports of a new restaurant opening there but nothing came from it, what we saw.

So Sad To See Them Go

They had some really good cupcakes. If you were at an event around town that had cupcakes, chances are they were made by Sweet T's. They have been slinging cupcakes for a while now and it is sad to see them go.

Where In Twin Falls you Can Get Cupcakes Now

Dazipop Cupcakes is a dessert food truck you can check out. You can also go to Jim Bob's which is known for having amazing donuts. Clarke Confections is also available for custom-made orders for whatever event you may need them for.

We are sad to see Sweet T's go, but we are hoping the closure isn't permanent. They did keep saying they needed a break. Hopefully, that means a return after they get some much-needed rest.

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