It has been a strange year and summer, to say the least. Even though it feels like we can't go out and do anything there are still some things you can do before the summer and good temps come to an end.

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  • 1

    Float the Snake River

    Get a tube and some friends and float the river. You can social distance, get some sun and enjoy summer.

  • 2


    Kayaking is a great way to get on the water and still be able to social distance. It is one of our favorite summer activities.

  • 3

    Go to Roaring Springs

    You can have a great time at Roaring Springs. They have a water filtration system that makes the water clean and safe and they are reducing the amount of people allowed in to accommodate guidelines.

  • 4

    Go to the South Hills

    Nothing says social distancing quite like going out into the middle of nowhere with your closest family or friends.

  • 5

    Hike around Shoshone Falls

    The falls are roaring right now and it is gorgeous. Take a hike around the trail or just watch the water.

  • 6

    Go fishing at Anderson Ranch

    It is a gorgeous area and a blast to fish.

  • 7

    Check out Magic Valley Speedway

    Watch the races and have a blast with the family. Get pit passes if you want to check out the cars first hand, plus we hear they have some amazing finger steaks.

  • 8

    Hit a round at Canyon Springs Golf Course

    Golfing may be frustrating at times but it is pretty fun. Play a round and enjoy the view in the canyon at Canyon Springs Golf Course

  • 9

    Take a bike ride on the canyon rim trail

    The Canyon Rim Trail never gets old. Beautiful sights, a little exercise and a great way to enjoy the sun.

  • 10

    Hike to Phantom Falls

    It is a little cooler up there and a great little hike. Beautiful and a great way to stay socially distant.

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