Part of being a couple is sleeping in the same bed. My husband and I have had 20 years to adjust to cohabitating in the same sleeping area. Through babies and bigger children, we have made sleeping accommodations temporarily so the family can be together. I have a feeling the temporary may never end.

When we were married, I owned a very large dog. She slept in my son’s room or the living room. She liked the freedom to roam the house to protect us and go outside through the dog door. She rarely came into my bedroom at night. When my husband bought our Corgi, he put her bed in the corner of our bedroom. She was more than happy in her own space on the floor. She would sit and stare at me in the morning as I woke up and I enjoyed 12 years of morning dog breath.

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Then my husband said it was his turn. He put our phone number in at many different Magic Valley shelters looking for the right dog. When a new litter was in at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter, we went to see it. This was not the type of dog he was looking for. He wanted some type of ‘hair not fur’ less allergy-triggering type of dog. What sat in front of him was a Chiweenie.

Should the Dog Be Allowed to Sleep With You?

She was sitting in the cage while her siblings yipped and jumped. She just sat looking at him quietly. Evidently, she stared into his soul. We filled out the paperwork and placed ‘dibs’ on her. When she was old enough, we became the proud owners of a Chiweenie. He wanted a lap dog and he got one.

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Kat's Phone

He never owned dogs until he married me; now, they are inseparable. She has a bed under his desk at home next to the portable heater at his feet. She has a spot with a blankie and a heating pad on the couch.

The problem is that she never uses her padded bed and blankie in our room because she gazes at him from her torture chamber in the corner and sighs until he lets her sleep between us. I can’t snuggle with my husband anymore because she is there. I now own a human-sized dog bed. I want my bed back, and I want it to not smell like a stinky dog.

Do you let your pets sleep in your bed and are you not bothered by their smelliness?

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